Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic support service based on the study of behavior and learning. Using empirical methods and relying on research, ABA can be used to shape and develop many different types of behavior.  Rearranging the environment, providing useful accommodations, and maximizing natural reinforcement are key in providing high-quality, humane, helpful services to individuals. Although behavior principles can be applied to almost any behavior in order to change it, providers of ABA should always keep in mind 1) the client’s own goals and preferences, 2) social significance (SELF significance for the client!), and 3) autonomy of the client, particularly of those who may not be able to vocally advocate for themselves. Results of ABA services can be life-changing, and can be damaging when not provided ethically and with cultural competence. As a wise philosopher (the creator of Spider-Man) once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Our Mission

The mission of Social Cues Behavior Analysis (SCBA) is:

  • to provide quality, kind, positive, empirically-validated services to individuals in the most natural setting(s) possible;
  • to support families by providing hands-on training and increasing knowledge of evidence-based techniques as well as autistic neurology; and
  • to promote and increase advocacy, safety, dignity, autonomy, and quality of life for as many human beings as possible!

Services Offered

  • Functional behavior assessments
  • 1:1 ABA in-home services with the client
  • Hands-on family/caregiver guidance and education
  • Sleep training guidance
  • Toilet training guidance

Location/Areas Served

We conduct services in-home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, etc.).


We are in-network providers for the following funding sources:

  • TRICARE (Prime, retired, etc.)

We are currently working on becoming in-network providers for:

  • Optima

We offer discounts for prompt payment and pay-ahead fee schedules for cash payers.

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