LifeAdjust Behavior Solutions

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Services from LifeAdjust Behavior Solutions include life coaching/organization from a behavior analyst trained in the science of human behavior. During sessions, measurable goals will be identified based on the values and desires of the client. A clear plan to address those goals will be created through collaboration between coach and client. Data may be collected by the client and coach to track progress toward meeting those goals. Troubleshooting and adjustments will be made throughout the process, and/or whenever a goal begins to seem too difficult to meet. Motivation, naturalistic reinforcement, values-based problem solving, and encouragement will be some of the primary tools used during these sessions.

Behavior life coaching & organization

Are you having trouble meeting goals? Do you wish you and/or your stuff were more organized? Do you need some motivation? Are you having trouble parenting during this pandemic and need some advice? Are you feeling out of control and need a little stability and routine in your lockdown life? LifeAdjust offers 100% telehealth/online behavior coaching sessions from a behavior analyst using evidence-based practices to promote real behavior change. Let’s do it. You got this!

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