Neurodiversity-Emphasizing Support, Services, & Information

NESSI’s services span a wide range, from autistic mentoring to whole-family consulting and guidance. Our world is neurodiverse; those with neurologies that differ from the norm should have the autonomy that anyone else has. NESSI helps work as a “translator” between client and family members /loved ones and teaches the whole family about autism and neurodiversity!

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Services offered:

  • 1:1 neurodiversity-emphasized behavioral consulting for professionals (general)
  • 1:1 neurodiversity-based behavioral consulting for professionals (specific client/case*)
    *specific client/case consulting requires an authorization to release healthcare/PHI by client(s)
  • Whole family & 1:1 consulting and mentoring services
    *these services may contain support, information, and services that are not behavior-analytic in nature and are therefore not considered covered by the BACB credential

Other services may be provided and the fees can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
All NESSI services are private pay only (by check or online payments).

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